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 The Best Literacy Project of the World

UNESCO World Report, UNESCO Head Quarters, Paris, FRANCE,1989

Successful Project to develop the hidden skills of the child.

International Educanists Forum of the Commonwealth Countries,

Dunedin, New Zealand. 2006


NEXT local and international children’s     activities;


 A2014 July Pahana; 

 National Children's English Day- Reading-writing-singing competitions-Register before  June 30th and win medals and certificates.


A2014 August Pahana; - Celebrating historic "SILK ROAD"

 Visiting Anuradapura & attend many cultural competitions. Register before July 20th.

 A2014 September Pahana; - International Literacy Day

 As the best literacy award winner of the world CCBS organize beautiful Hand writing competition-winners will receive Medals & certificates

 A2014 October Pahana; = Universal Children's Week competitions

 As the first Universal children's festival founder in Sri Lanka in 1979 annually conducts many oral.written & drama competitions. Register before  September 10

 A2014 November Pahana; Children's Book Scrip competition

 As the founder of children's book competiton organiser in Sri Lanka & largest award winnig children's book publisher annualy organizes script competition. Send your scripts before 30th October.

 A2014 December Pahana; -Annual Children's Book workshop

 As the largest children's book author's training institute  of the region CCBS annualy organized "The production of the Children's Books.This project opened with UNESCO and over 1600 children's book authors has trained in last 30 annual workshops. Send your scripts before  November 10th.

Every patitipant should have a membership. It's advisable

For more mdetails call +94 718153788 or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



AICAF International Art competition. USA – wait


˜ For grade 3 to 8 students winners will have a chance to visit USA


AUNO children’s art competition - wait


˜ Winners will have cash prizes with plaques and certificates


  Ktishij International literary competition;


Essay and -Art- competition-Before 25/7/2014



 Subject:                            South Africa International Conference on Education (SAICE2014)

South Africa International Conference on Education (SAICE2014)
21st to 23rd September 2014
Pretoria, South Africa
For more details: contact - 0718153788





              NATIONAL CH ILD HERO DAY -2014

Brother don’t be afraid, !

I’ll show you how  face to the death.

               Celebrating of Prince weera maddua bandara

                  Skills development competitions Art & Essay competitions

Celebrating of Prince weera maddua bandara

About 200 years back  Sri Lanka ruled by a cruel king. He suspected his ministers. Minister Ehelepola  also  same one to the king.

Ehelepola knew kings views and he vanished. King wanted to funish Minister Ehelepola’s family.

Then he asked whole family to Bogambara Tank in Kandy and ask his men to kill every body of Ehelepola family.

               Lokubandara was the eldest of the family. Killer with a sharp sward carrying on his hand and asked Loku Bndra to face to the death. He excited and afraid. He ran to his mother. Then little Weera Maddum Bandr jumped to the killer and shouted.

“Brother why are you crying?

We are the sons of a brave Sinhala Minister.  We should not afraid. We should protect our great FaTHER’S HONESTY AND BRVENESS.

Don’t be afraid. I show you how to face the death. One day the people will talk about us.” Then he open his neck to the killer. This nine years little child fce to the deth very brvely.

               It is one of the bravest child’s action of the world.

               This is  good lesson to the every child of the world.

Since 1991 Colombo Children’s Book Society (CCBS) celebrates Madduma Bandara Day.

In 2013 ccbs has organized  a literary competition for celebrate this brave child.

               There are 3 competitions

. Essay competition  2. Pointing Competition   3. Miming competition “Brother, don’t be afraid” will be the topic for every competition.


           Competition                      Age Group                                    Size


           Essay competition           Primary (below grade 5 )                     ½ of Foolscap paper

                                                        Junior       ( Grade 6-9 )                       1 page of foolscap

                                                        Senior        Grade 10 & above)          2 pages of foolscap


            Painting Competition      Primary           - as above                     A 4 paper

                                                         Junior                                                    A4 or A3 paper

                                                          Senior                                                   A4 paper

If you like you can have membership of the society. Even without the membership you’ll able to participate competition. But every member will have extra 1 mark for their final total and live members will have 2 marks for their final mark total.


Primary; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate  

               2nd place Silver medal, certificate

               3rd place copper medal. Certificate


Junior ; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate

               2nd place Silver medal, certificate

3rd place copper medal. Certificate


Senior ; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate

               2nd place Silver medal, certificate

                   3rd place copper medal. Certificate


The result will be published on this website after 15th May 2014


         National Child Hero Day Application;



2 Membership No (If you have ) :……………………………………………………………….

3. Name of the school:-……………………………………………………………………………

4. Home address:-…………………………………………………………………………………


5. Contact Nos. / e mail:-………………………………………………………………………………

               I hereby declare that above details are true and correct. I send herewith Rs. 100/- for 10 book marks and pl. enroll my  creations for the above competition.

               I will participate /  Painting/Essay/ /Performing/ Strre Parade / competition

                 (Pl. delete whatever non applicable)             

You can deposit  fee at any Bank of Ceylon Branch to be credited to Colombo Children’s Book society’s accout t Borell Super Grade Branch. A /c no 193697.)

                                                                                          Yours faithfully


                                                                                          Applicant’s signature

Approved by





Yout every documents should post or hand over to Colombo Children’s Book Society at No 84, Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, Colombo 08, on or before 05/May 2014.

Street Parade will be on 17/05/2014 in Colom bo. To obtain highest mark at the Parade you should dressed suitable to 200 years back society in Kandian life style. For more details Pl. contact: 0718153788 or 0112686878

                     2014 Summer Camp through Camera eye

      30th Annual Hans Christian Andersen's Day                      Celebration in Colombo, Sri Lanka.




P1000413.gif - 36.79 KB 


P1000418.gif - 42.49 KBP1000421.gif - 37.22 KB

2014 Summer Camp more photos in April & Gallery filders.................

Vijaya-Summmer-camp.gif - 25.75 KB



Sri Lanka -Children's Summer Camp

Notice on Wijaya children's national paper in Sri Lanka on 1st April 2014



     7th International Folk Festival-Nepal,2014

P1000158.gif - 34.08 KB



Sri Lankan Folk Dancers meet Hon. Ambassador in Nepal

SRI LANKAn folk dancers visited  sri Lankan embassy in Neal and met Hon. ambassador His excellency W.M.senevirathna.

Ambassador was very happy about sri Lankan  folk dancers. First olk dancing program was in Kathmandu Acadamy and our ambassador was the chief guest. ambassador thanked to the group members for their fine erformances and stated that he hopes to include these photos in Embassy news bulletin.  

Hon. ambassador faced to a ca mera after the discussion with sri Lankan Group  Left to right

Hon Ambassdor His Execellency  W.M.Senevirathna, Group leader Dr.D.  Ambalampitiya,  Nishantha Wicramatilaka, Saranga Harshana, Wasantha Jayasinghe and Mahamed Shalil

P1000160.gif - 18.90 KB


 Group leader CCBS President  Dr.D.  Ambalampitiya presented his booklet about "Human rights International Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1995. Then he participated  this conference and South Africa President Nelson Mandela also was in the Chairman board o the conference   


P1000234.gif - 35.87 KB

 Hon. Ambassador offered a dinner also to Sri Lankan Folk dancers.

 Infront of the  Everst Mountain  Mr R.C.KoiralaDirector Everest  Folk Cultural Group and Dr Ambalampitiya.gif - 33.86 KB

 Mr R.C.Koirala Folk Festival Director and Dr Ambalampitiya are standing in front of the Great Everest Mountain

At the bottom of Mount Everest.gif - 23.62 KB

       CCBS President faced to the camera at the

                                   Everest Mountain 

 Largest folk dancing group came from German

Smallest and most popular group came from Sri Lanka The main reason for this popularity was CCBS President"s live presentation.

        Darding city program had a live TV program by Nepal Telecom which carried out around Neal the historic friendship between Nepal and Sri Lanka.

There were main festivals in Kathmandu Acadmy,Hetauda city. Pokra city & Dading city.

In these every performances Dr Ambalampitiya explained in simple English about Sri Lankan and its  folk dances & friendship between Nepal & Sri Lanka. He expressed the great respect of Sri Lankans to Sacred Lumbini and Nepal also.   

He mentioned Nepal as the great birth land of Prince Siddharha as well as Lord Buddha.

He finished his speech as "Malar Nepali  piersho cha"That means I love Neal.

Ater his speech everybody shouting and encouraging sri Lankan group. Sri Lanka could make a great popular among Nepal people through this small cultural program.

Last night on 04th March we were walking through Kathmandu street. Then suddenly some younger from the boutique suddenly shouted as "Come on Sri Lanka." It was a great proud to us. Today and tomorrow we have final program in Kathmandu. Then Sri Lanka will be more popular among Neal people.

 Once Israel Folk dancers group leader told “We understood very clearly about Sri Lnkan culture and it’s cultural song, cultural dance and cultural music. Your live presentation was very interesting. We  highly appreciate the way of your expression.


P1000162.gif - 27.99 KB


 A beautiful folk Nepal dance at Khullamanch, Kathmandy



The Most interesting function of Children

   in Sri Lanka -Children's Summer Camp 



child-leaders-walk-with-the-bannars-of-world-literary-leaders.gif - 25.19 KB








IGP-Police-Department-offered-horses-to-illuminate-the-procession.gif - 23.01 KB



Summer-camp-child-leaders---Primary-section.gif - 22.86 KB


THESE TRAINED CHILD LEADERS FACE TO THE Camera with their certificate 


Summer-camp-procession-cross-the-Colombo-city-streets.gif - 26.04 KB


summer camp procession walking along the street to the camp site. oVER 1000 CHILDREN PARTICIPATE THS FUNCTION WITH MANY CULTURAL DANCES

Every child under  the 18 years  of the world can be participated this interesting children function. If you like to participate this literary function please send your bio date to ccbs project BEFORE 20TH MARCH 2014

Address: Founder - President,

CCBS UNESCO Project.No 84, Lesley Ranagala mAWATHA, COLOMBO 08,


E MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel : 0094718153788





               S. Mahinnda himi comemoration literary                             competition- 2014

Can S. Mahindada Thero who was born in Sikkim in Tibet and sacrified his life time  for the freedom of the country.

During that time Sri Lanka was under the British emperor. Rev, Mahinda used his pen against the rulers and awoke the people. 

                      Children should memorized like this heroes


     CCBS has a annual literary to celebrate this day. There are Art and Essay competitio

    Rules: TRhere 4 categories Primary A & B Junior and senior

Art and Essay competition topic is Rev. S. Mahinda himi

Art : P A & PB draw a picture in A4 paper

Junior  - A4/A3 paper  & Senior students A3 paper. You can use pastel or water colours

Essay competition:

PB section write a essay one side of the full scap paper.

Junior : write an essay on 2 sides of the fullscap paper

senior section: write an essay in 3 or more fulls cap papers.

Every entries should send to the society on or before 10 March. 2014.

For registration every participant should buy 10 book marks by paying Rs. 100/-

You can pay every payment through Bank of ceylon. Super branch Borella Societies A/C no  193697,

Every entries should send following address.




No 84, Lesley Ranagala Mawatha,

Colombo 08.

For more information : call to 0112686878

Pl. send your bio data with the entries.



P1000232.gif - 20.25 KB



On 2014/02/15 at Sawsiripaya, Colombo 07



CCBS started children’s leadership training program about 25 years back. It was the first children’s training program  in Sri Lanka. Already we have trained over 2500 children

Now many organizations – even the ministry of education has started children’s training program. Every student before entering the University should attend a leadership training program.

CCBS trains these children specially as the controlling panel of the Summer Camp. But these trained students has become the strong successful persons of the modern society.


1.      Students should between grade 5- 13

2.      Should have experience as class monitor, sport skills, volunteer post in various societies

3.      Sport leadership- prefects etc:

Students should forward their certified copies of certificates. CCBS consider mainly school and Dhamma school certificates and CCBS certificates.

                                                 Application for the Leadership - 2014

1.      Name:-……………………………………………………………………………..

2.      Date of birth:-……………………………………………………………………

3.      Membership no (If any):-………………………………………………………..

4.      School & grade:-………………………………………………………………….

5.      A, school certificates:

1.      Attach certified copies.

2.      Dhamma school certificates : attach certificate

3.      CCBS certificate: attach copies

        6     Sponsorship:

               This great volunteer service needs sponsors to success every work. CCBS is perhaps can be only one largest volunteer organization in Sri Lanka operating huge activities for children without any permanent fund. Parents love and respect CCBS activities. They will support it’s programs.

CCBS has introduced series of BOOK MARKS with the photos of world famous authors. There are photos and brief information of  Martin Wicramasinghe,Munidasa Kumaratunga Willium Shakesphere, Leanard Wolf, Maxim Gorkey, Archemedes. Anton Chekof, Hans Andersen ect; Each cost is Rs. 10/- CCBS asks every child and aduld buy these book marks. It is a coincide support to the ccbs and also the the buyer. There are 30 book mars. There are 30 important details of 30 world famous authors.

CCBS asks every applicants to buy at least 01 books mark set. Everybody can buy 100 cars. Then he/she will receive 10 marks. These marks will cause to select your application to the workshop as well as the

summer camp a largest volunteer children’s event of Sri Lanka will be on 05th April, 2014 in Colombo.

I need ……. Book marks and I’ll deposite Rs………….  to be credited Colombo Children’s Book Society, A/C no 193697, BOC Super Branch at Colombo 08..

               I certify that all details given above true and correct. I request to register my application for leadership training program

Thank you

Yours faithfully,


Signature of applicant.



                                                          0Nelson-Mandela-Day.gif - 33.13 KB


Nelson Mandela Day celebrates in Sri Lanka

 Nelson Mandela Day celebrated in Sri Lanka successfully. ENO Sri Lanka with CCBS UNESCO Project launched tree planting event at Colombo Public Library. Chief librarian Waruni Gangabada Arachchi and Former Deputy Director General of National Education Institute of Sri Lanka Dr Dhammika P. Bibile also participate this function. ENO members and authors were joined with ths program. Dr D.Ambalampitiya organised Mandala day tree plantng program. 















30th Annual Workshop on the Production of the Children's Books - 2013 December 27 & 28                         Workshop Time Table


              Can you believe are there any organization of the world continually conducted 29 annual work shops on the children’s Literature and produced over 500 children’s books through it’s trainers.


Yes, Colombo Children’s Book Society – UNESCO Project of Sri Lanka has done this miracle. As  advised by UNESCO in the decade of 1980 CCBS did it well and correctly. Then UNESCO permanent representative of Sri Lanka in France  Prof. Ananda Guruge, advised to the young society to follow his advise and work correctly as UNESCO charter. After 5 year work program in 1989 Colombo Children’s Book Society won the world UNESCO award as the Best UNESCPO project of the world. Then Prof Guruge stated that this is not only the victory of the society, it is big victory of the whole country. Prof. Bruce Chill. UNESCO expert visited Sri Lanka to watch CCBS activities and he was surprised about its work.

 Since 1983 CCBS UP conducted 28 work shops and trained 1389 persons and who published over 500 new children’s Books. The great wonder is now no one is talking about this world records. Even UNESCO also can’t understand it’s societies’  activities. Thease every wonders are the real result o real volunteer works. No one helped to the society to launch this wonderful works.

 But CCBS has reached to many world awards and records. Even this work shop ALSO GOING TO DO WITH THE COOPERATION OF Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education.

The work shop will be on 27 & 28th December 2013  and application will be on December Folder.15/02/


Sri Lanka – Greece friendship strenghed with CCBS UNESCO Project

P1000112.gif - 34.79 KB

Recently Iosit Nikitas, President of Hellenc  Cricket Federation of Greece visited Sri Lanka and discussed with CCBS UNESCO Project to launch a friendly mutual program with Sri Lankan children. Accordingly. every year  cricket. Football and cultural children’s group will have a chance to visit Greece and participate international games with other countries.

Nicolas Fournorakis CEO, Vandomus of Greece also joined this discussion


Meeting was in Colombo Galadari Hotel and they faced to the camera here.  To .... Gallery for more photos


Annual Script Writing Competition - 2014

Cclosing date extended by a week.


New booklet released about Human Rights:

To celebrate 22nd CHOGM in Colombo

A booklet titled “ International conference on human rights in Harare in 1995”


written by Dr   D. Ambalamitiya

 111.gif - 51.14 KB

Dr Ambalampitiya had a rare opportunity to have  a breakfast with Great Nelson Mandela with sitting his left hand side. He used his camera and got  this photo in Harare conference. in 1995 

22.gif - 4.69 KB

He is talking with world famous Noble award winner author Vol Soyinka at Harare Meeting

Our New Live Members

 Dear child members, You all are welcomed by the largest children's
organization in Sri Lanka and 2nd oldest children's movement of the world !


Please attend your school works well and fill your free time with


"Dolosmahe Pahana" and get a bright light for your life  


     Punara Punsisi                     M.R.S.Nishar                 P.S.Lakmali Fernando  
       LM/32F/13                        LM/34M/13                         LM/33F/13
   Mahinda Rajapakse Vidyalaya,   St Peter's College             St Anthony BV. 
           Matara.                          Colombo 04                      Colombo  15 
Art,Poetry, Essay, Author                Art                                 Singing
G. Janani Dewmini            G.G.Nilupuli Udayasisi
  LM/26F/`13                     LM/25F/13
Gam/ Dekatana P.V      Kg/ Mainnoluwa M.V
 singing/dancing/Art   --.Singing/Art/ Dancing
Annual Script Writing Competition - 2014
This competition is one of the oldest children's Books script competitions of the world. In 1983 UNESCO experts advised to launch several new programs to develop the Literacy Rate in Sri Lanka. As they discovered Children's Literature was the main entrance point to develop the Literacy of the country. Having these advices Colombo Children’s Book Society began several programs to develop the Children's Literature. Then Regional Office for Book Development in Asia-Pacific of UNESCO  advised to the Children's Book Society to launch this program. In the first time in 1983 CCBS launched Children's Book script competition and work shop to train children's book writers.
Anybody who is interesting on children's literature could be able to attend this workshop. Since 1983 over 1500 Book Writers  have trained how to writing a good book for children.

For Script writing competition:
This competition is open for children and adults.
a. Theme of the script should be suitable for children and you are free to select any theme.
Proposed themes for scripts:

You can select some themes as follows for your scripts:

1. Character stories - life stories on varios famous people.

2. Historic stories

3 New discoveries

4 world miracles/wonders

5 Educational books

6 General knowledge books and others.

If you hope to select these topics for your scripts, your scripts should approve any person who are qualified these subjects, as the contents of the script are correct and it is not a copy of another book.

Every scripts should sent to the followind address on or before 20/11/2013

Script writing competition, c/o Colombo Children's Book Society, No 84 Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.


1. creations - can use any topic but every script should help to improve the humanity, mutual understand, cooperation - unity & peace  - participation  and positive thinking in child's mind.
other stories: bibliographic of world famous scientists, heroes, kings,  leaders and rulers,

Educational scripts: great discoveries of the world, world famous cities-places and symbols, similar scripts to help school subjects

b. Size of the script:                                                     Examiner's fee
For the students of Grade 0-1 below 100 words                 Rs 250/-
For the students of Grade 1-2 below 200 words                 Rs 300/-
For the students of Grade 2-3 below 300 words                 Rs 350/-
For the students of Grade 3-4 below 400 words                 Rs 400/-
For the students of Grade 4-5 below 500 words                 Rs 500/-
For over Grade 5 students you can send any scripts on education or any other subject.

For foriegn participants:

Yours script should forward with two copies written in clear or typed.
For the children's book scripts should forward to the CCBS office by post or by hand with entry fee $ 10 ( TEN DOLLARS).  on or before 15/12/2013. 
Most successful scripts will be published by CCBS. Other suitable scripts will be published as cooperative publications of author & ccbs

Every participants will receive a certificate

Pl send following details with your script :
1. Name of the author:
2. Address:/school or office

3. Contact Tel. no; and e mail:
4. Date of birth:
5 Name of your script:

 Title of the script
 Number of words of the script:
Please do not write any personnel details on your script.

In the History
First Children's Book winning author & authoress in Sri Lanka:
In 1988 CCBS could be introduced first child authors to the nation.
First children's book author of Sri Lanka:
Name: Kithmini Weerakoon -
School: Mahanama College Colombo 03
Grade : 03 Age: 8 years
Participated at first training work shop on children's literature held in Agricultural Research Centre, Colombo 07, on Oct. 05th and 6th, 1985
At present he is a government medical doctor.

Name of the book : PUNCHI APATA PUNCHI KATA ( Little stories for little ones)
First and youngest authoress in Sri Lanka. (perhaps in the world.)
Name: Suchima Tharangi Gonapinuwala
Age: 5+ years
School : Southland Girls College, Galle.
Name of the book : MALLI NIDI (Brother sleeps)
At present : She is a lecturer (Age 28 yrs) at Ocean University of Ari Lanka.( Perhaps she could be  the youngest lecturer in the country)

At Present
Already we introduced over 520 authors to the nation. About 20 authors out of them won the state awards.
Student Saradha Weerasekara of Yoshida Shokanji International School of Sapugaskanda has written two children's books He has won the star of the year award of CCBS and won the annual scholarship to visit to India.
Last November 2010 he participated Chinh India International Film Festival and he brought his children's books also. Representatives from over 20 countries participated this international conference and only Saradha was the child author at this conference. He was so popular because his children's books.l

Last November, 2012 Pramuda Bhashitha wicramarachchi won the star of the year and visited India. He also was so popular as a child author. He studies at Isipatana College in Colombo. The Principal has introduce him to the college. There are over 5000 students.

Workshop on the production of children books will be in December, 2013.


P1000955.jpg - 18.27 KB                                                   World Teachers; Day

Some children visited Dr Ambalampitiya and offered some leaves of beetle and celebrated world Teachers Day.

He started his life as a government teacher. He served as a Head Master of Dhamma school. He started Sri Lanka Freedom Teachers Association. He appointed as the deputy president of All Ceylon Teachers' Art Circle by Minister of Education.

He is founder of Children's Bank savings system (Sisuudana) of Sri Lanka.

He is the first author of Sarala GanithYA  new math book written for O/L students approved by Ministry of Education.

He is the state awarded  best science fiction  writer of Sri Lanka. He is the founder president of largest children's organization of Sri Lanka.

  Some times some people forget these social services. But these children memorize those services on the world teachers day  as seen above.



             Mr. Peter Tichansky Welcomed in Sri Lanka


     ICAF adviser,President and CEO of Business Council for International Understanding of United States of America visited in Sri Lanka   

on 24th October 2013


P1000979.jpg - 13.38 KB

ICAF  Sri Lanka cordially welcomed him at the airport

For more details - Pl. visit Gallery folder



Congratulations !

 Professor Ashfaq Ishaq Founder and CEO, International Child Art Foundation appointed by The United Nations  as one of the five judges who selected the final design for the UN Slavery Memorial:

        CCBS UNESCO Project is Sri Lankan partner of ICAF since 1998.

 Number of our skilled child artists has visited USA several times.

         CCBS congratulates ICAF leader Prof Ashfac with thousands and thousands of Sri Lankan children for his success!  

Punara Punsisi of Mahinda Rajapakse College wins a Commonwealth Award


Punara Punsisi of Mahinda Rajapakse College - Matara a live member of CCBS won a District award of Commonwealth Essay competition. Recently she visited CCBS office and FounP1000964.jpg - 11.43 KBder President Dr. Ambalampitiya presented her a gift. Punchi Penchi TV children's program also appreciated her skills. 

( Dolos Mahe Pahana )
          Annual Scrip Writing Competition on         
                   Children's Literature 2013 
Already CCBS  has produced largest number of trained/ credit awarded child authors of the world. But even today it has no printing facility to print colorful children’s books. CCBS invites anybody/ any organization who likes children to donate small digital color printing machine (A3) to continue this national service

Nepal international Folk Cultural Festival 2014

CCBS received an invitation to participate for the above cultural festival. Everyone who are qualify in Folk Dance, Folk song and Folk music can join with this tour. This will be a 16 days tour. The participant ill go to Lumbini before going to Kathmandu in Nepal. The cost will be Rs. 80,000 per person. Only Rs 65000 to children who are below 12 years.  You should prove your cultural skills ith certificate, CD, or paper ad or certificates.

If you are interesting to participate please forward following information/ documents to the CCBS on or before 20/10/2013.

1A Copy of the birth certificate

        2.A copy of the Passport

        3     A copy of the NIC

        4 Rs 40000 as a reservation fee of the tour.

 for further details pl. call to 0718153788


    30th Universal Children’s week festival ends well

Over 100 child book writers participated at Pelawatta on 01 October 2013 children’s week opening program

Children’s week next program at Susamayawardana school program concluded successfully.


All round final result of Universal children’s week literary competition 2013


Primary A

1.Chandrasekaran Brinda , Highland College, Hatton                    425.

2. Nethuli Dulansa Perera, Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya  Co 05          155

3. Induli Rathnayaka , Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya     Co 5                     91


Primary B

  1. Nethmi Kavushalya sithumini , Yasodara Balika V, Gampaha 492

2. M.A . Vimuki Hasithma de Silva,  Good Shepherded Convent,      307

3. H.A.Nadeera Laxan, Pragna Readers’ Club, Gampaha                  300



  1. P.Induwara Nagahawatta,  Co/Asoka Vidyalaya                        469
  2. Osada Sandeep Merhpriya, Co  / Thurstan College                   381
  3.   F.Nusba Kizar, St,Anthony’s BV, Colombo 15                           369



1.G.A.p.N.Kumara, Susamayawardana School, Colombo 8                383

2. S. Nusra Kizar, St, anthony’s BV, Colombo 15                                    379

3. K.A. Erandini Savubhagya, Co/Gothami BV,                                        221




Recently they joined with CCBS. CCBS hopes and wishes them a bright and successful future as did many thousands members in last 33 years.

Dear new members you can be proud that now you have joined second oldest children's organization of the world and largest children's skill development organization of Sri Lanka

      This is your turn. Join with Dolosmaheahana & many global activities.

       CCBS congratulates you !


Sriyan.jpg - 53.68 KB    Sriyantha .jpg - 61.66 KB                     Nishar.jpg - 87.73 KB


           J.KAnjani Prabashi                    Fathima Nusra Kizar               M.A.Ratheef Nishar

                 LF/16F/13                                         LF/23F/13                             LF/31M/13

         Mara/Deniyaya National School               St Anthony BV Colombo 15      St Peter's College, Colombo

       Singing, Dancing,                                   Art, Singing, Essay               Skills: Speech, Essay, Drama



        Dewmini.jpg - 57.65 KB              2.jpg - 67.07 KB    3.jpg - 58.51 KB

     J.Dewmini Navodya                           A.U. Riyaz                         M.B.Fatima Zeinab

            LF/15F/13                                     LF/30F/13                               LF/24F/13 

 Mara/Deniyaya National School          Co/Khairia Muslim V.                      St Anthony BV 

   Singing, music, Dancing                          Art                               Art, Singing, Essay



   senvi.jpg - 49.20 KB          Zalma.jpg - 5.23 KB     1.jpg - 36.82 KB

   K.C.Randula Senevirathana          M.B.  Fatima Salma                        A.D.S.A.Shehali 

                     LF/27F/13                                LF/28F/13                          LF/29F/13                

Pannipitiya Dharmapala Vidyalaya    St Anthony BV, Colombo 15   Co/Sangamitta BV

Child Book Author, Essay, Poetry          Singing, Dancing                        Art Creation


International book fair opened on 14 Sep 2013 at BMICH

One of the largest book fair in South Asia opened on 14th Sep at BMICH Colombo. Chief guest was Prof Sunil Ariyaratna


CCBS UNESCO project can be happy as the pioneer book exhibitor in Sri Lanka.

In the decade of 1980 UNESCO HQ advised to the society launch many literal projects to develop literacy in Sri LANKA. Book Exhibition also one of project among them

Then Book Exhibition was very new program to the Sri Lankan society. Already CCBS conducted several workshops, produced many authors as well as publishers. Now all are in this fields. But CCBS as usual  launches many literary projects during the whole year. Even today at the exhibition you can see CCBS exhibits it's children books in very small stall  at G block. Its only in  10x10 small room. CCBS friends and followers are in supper halls. But many members visit our small stall more than that big expensive halls. Because they respect CCBS's services. How ever CCBS can be proud as the founder of BOOK EXHIBITOR in Sri Lanka.


Special gift to every members


Book Exhibition will run till 22nd Setember. During this time you can visit CCBS Book stall and buy a book at secial rate. Then You will have a free copy of new child book .



Book Exhibition before 30 years in Sei Lanka

          d14.jpg - 28.76 KB                d55.jpg - 17.33 KB

    Under the guidance of UNESCO CCBS UNESCO Project  launched first Book exhibition in  Sri Lanka  30 years old above pictures shows early book exhibitions organized by CCBS In 2nd picture child artist Cibil wettasinghe also can be seen. 

P1000774.jpg - 10.45 KB    P1000805.jpg - 15.11 KB 

        2013 BookExhibition at BMICH            Prof. Sunil Ariyarathna, the chief guest  delivering a opening speech

             2013-CCBS-Book-Exhibition.jpg - 18.33 KB


Sahithyadarshi  Sarath Jayapala

The Oldest Book Exhibitor in Sri Lanka

Sarath Jayapala born in remote villege in Kegalle District of Sri Lanka. After his secondary education at Tholanhamuwa Central College he attended series of trainings at Diyatalawa. After he had a chance to join olice Department as a Sub Inspector of Police.

    This was happen in 1980s. During this time Colombo Children’s Book society (CCBS) started it’s literacy activities around the country. Then CCBS called Sarath to join CCBS volunteer services.

Sarath is the first book exhibitor in Sri Lanka. During last 30 years he has visited over 3000 schools and over 1000 uiblic places to exhibit books.As advised by UNESCO CCBS could organized Book exhibition around the country with the great cooperation of this silent erson-Sarath.

            Unfortunately any organization, government or any person has not consider his great service. Even today he lives without any income.

            Annualy Colombo International Book Fair offers several scholarshis and special gifts and medals who were in this literary field. Even this year they offered big cash prize to computer tye setting designers also. It is very important. We appreciate it. But everybody should appreciate book exhibition founder of Sri Lanka.

            Above photo shows even this year Sarath is attending book exhibition at very small cage at huge BMICH exhibition centre.




                 Samantha Indeewara Samarasinghe-

Chief organizer of 15th Colombo International Book Fair at BMICH

Samantha is very clever organizer and he helped to success this Exhibition. CCBS also can be satisfied with his success.

            Before 15 or 20 years back Samantha showed his literary skills with CCBS.

CCBS has introduced new Children literature world to Sri Lanka. It introduced children’s book  script competition to Sri Lanka. It has produced maximum number of child authors of the world.

            During this time Samantha also participated CCBS activities. Once he produced  child book scripts to CCBS.

            Above photo shows Samantha Indeewara’s children book cover.


Scholarship Heros in 2013

In every year our members show their talents at Grade 5 scholarship examination.

In 2010 our member Anjana Senadeera created a all island record and became the FIRST of Sri Lanka.


CCBS received following records. CCBS hopes there will be more results.

Every member received 162 marks

   CCBS star of the year shows his colors

 Lecture-at-Mulagandakuti-Vihara-Dhamma-School-at-Varanasi.jpg - 17.90 KBP1000513.jpg - 4.21 KBPramuda at Savathnuwara,India

Pramuda Bhashitha Wicramarachchi, Tumal T. Kariyapperuma,  K.Praveen Manupriya.

        Star of the year  2012                          Co/Nalanda College,


Tumal Thejana of Co/ Nalanda College


    Pramuda has written 2 children’s books. Last November he visited India for 1 month tour to attend 2 international seminars. Last year he was the star of the year of CCBS and won the free Indian Tour from CCBS.

P1000960.jpg - 3.66 KB 

K Praveen Manupriya Perera- Co/ Nalanda College 



30th Universal Children’s week

CCBS proudly presents it’s 30th annual children’s week festival on the first week of October 2013.

It started this festival in 1979 as the first time in Sri Lanka. Then there was a special government unit for childrens activities called International year of Child (IYC) CCBS launched first children’s program with IYC and Police Department.

First children’s day program held at Slave Island Police ground very successfully.Some children who participated this first day program now serve to the nation in various posts. Proffsor Galabada arachchi, Director/CEO of Industrial Technology Institute was one child participant of 1st children’s day festival of Sri Lanka.

Ajith Dharmakeerthi Engineer who lives in London and Kapila Palihakkara  Engineer who lives in Australia were other participants.  Nelieka Palihakkara, asst. principal of Nalanda College also was a participant.

After this festival CCBS continued children’s day program in every year.

            In 2013 CCBS hopes to organize 30th annual children festival.


There are several competitions at 30th children’s week program. There are 2 catagories

Category 1

 Essay, Art, Poetry and hand writing can be written at home or school and should send to the CCBS on or before 25th September, 2013.

Catagory 2

Speech, folk songs, patriotism songs, general knowledge, miming, participants should  attend every competitions in Colombo.

Children’s drama competition:

Duration: only 10 minutes.


Everybody who wishes to participate these competitions should his/her biodata. Every child should below 18 years.

Please turn over October folder 9uer left side)  for Children's week Application 

Deepa Charika – Commemoration of

                   Historic Silk Road*

Ends well 

שׁשׁ  State defense ministry joined with children Major Gunatilaka delivered very attractive lecture.

שׁשׁ Essay and Art competition result released!

שׁשׁ Sociologist Mr Wijayarathna, Senior lecturer in RuHUNA Campus arranged   welcomed  Deepa Charika at Ruhunu Campus,Matara.


Sri Lanka faced to a terrible war in last 30 years. People attacked seriously from the war and children’s situation ere worst.

Now children in Sri Lanka spend a joyful lives. Silk Road participants travels through their mother land more happily. During the war season they were afraid to visit across the country. Not even to schooling also. Now every corners of the country full of children. They are breathing happily after long time.

At the 4th International Children’s film festival in New Delhi, India,  Dr Ambalampitiya has been invited as a special lecturer to talk “children’s film and the children literature’ It as in November, 2010. Over 17 countries leading personnels in film industry participated.  During the lecturer, Dr Ambalampitiya stated the correct situation in Sri Lanka.  How the affected  children get  released. What is the present situation in Sri Lanka. ‘Vidula’ first children’s radio in South Asi and ‘Ranminitenna’ film village’

Every participants eargaly listing to the lecturer, because many of them receive these fresh nes about Sri Lanka received through this talk.

CCBS every time hopes to give children children’s benefit and real nes. So CCBS requested  the Defense ministry to educate our children how they receive this happy freedom.

‘On the 1st of September at Kataragama cultural meeting there will be a special talk of representative of Defense ministry.   

CCBS thanks to the Secretary of Defense Ministry for listing to the children’s voice.


שׁשׁ Essay and Art competition result released!

In this year CCBS organized 4 competitions to celebrate Historic SILK ROAD. They were Essay competition, Art Competition, Folk songs and patriotism songs. Already first 2 competitions finished and now results are out. Other 2 competitions will be held on 31st night t Kataragama.  All winners will be received their prizes and certificates on the 1st September t Kataragama.

The positive thinkers who are interesting of children’s bright future, CCBS kindly request join with us by providing any gifts or greetings with this voluntarily event.

Essay competition:

Primary B

Fatima Moheen – St Anthony;s BV, Colombo marks 68

Pramuda Basitha Wicramaarachchi, Isipatana College, Colombo - 66

 Tharushi Rashmika Jayawardna, Pragna Reader’s Club, Kandaoluwaw, Gampaha 45




Ruchini t Tharuka Wijerathna, Sujatha BV- Matara.  -80

G.M. Thamodya Dasunika Bandara, WP/Gam/Minu/ President’s College, 72

Pooja Nethmini, Dharmasiri Senanayaka Vidylaya, Thulhiriy, - 63

Sha Nusba Kizar, St Anthony’s BV, Colombo   55

Lsith Chmlka Jayawardana, Pragna Readers Club, Gampaha  50

Fatima Rusda Naskar St Anthony’s BV Colombo   44

Sha zeinab dilzad   St Anthony;s BV Colombo   40


W.A. Nayomi  Wicramanayaka, Pragna RC, Gampaha – 82

Erandini Sawbhagy, Gothami BV, Colombo 80

Fathima Nuzra Kisar, St, Anthonie’s BV, Colombo 70

M. Piyumi Samadara Preethi Kumari, Dharmasiri Senanayka V, Thulhiriya,  70

R.M.A. Lxan Randima  Pragna RC, Gampaha – 70

I D Hashani Madushika DharmSIRI Senanayaka V, Thulhiriya  65

Fathima Raskar Naskar St Anthonie’s BV, Colombo 60

Chndi Naynahansi Muthumali Pragn RC, Gampaha 55

G R Dulshan Jayasinghe           - do -                  55


Art Competition

Primary A

R D D Pansilu Ranathunga  90

Chandrasekaran Brinda    80

Nirod Ashesh                      65


Primary B

Bhashitha Wicramarachchi     95

Ravisha Hasaravi                       15


G. Hansika Liyanage                      95

G.M.T. Pasunika Bandara            70

Malki Samaratunga                       60

Pooja Nethmini                               60

Sha Nusab Kisar                              40

Sh Naizab Dilshad                           40



Fathjima Nusra Kizar                      90

Erndini Saubhagya                         70

Buddini Savybhagya                      70

Sangeeth thathsarani 65              65

Viduranga jayasinghe                   50



שׁשׁ Sociologist Mr Wijayarathna, Senior lecturer in RuHUNA Campus arranges                                      welcoming Deepa Charika at Matara.

Mr Wijeratna of RUHUNA campus is a famous sociologist in Sri Lanka. He is interesting about this educational event. Even last year he joined with us to visit Anuradapura to share these rare experiences.

As he is working in RUHUNA campus in Mtara he hopes to welcomes DEEPA CHARIKA group t Matara. He is arranging a special visit to Matara ‘Star Foet” a historic place. On the way Silk Rod group hopes to visit GODwaya PORT WHICH IS ONE OF THE OLDEST PORT IN South Asia.


   Scholarship Examination 2013

To day (2013 Aug. 25) is Grade 5 scholarship examination day in Sri Lanka. Early morning CCBS received a call from life member and child author Master Pramuda Bhashitha Wicramaarachchi informing about his examination and CCBS wished him a good success. CCBS can remember in 2008 another life member faced this exam. Later she became the first all over the country among about 300,000 candidates. She is Anjana Senadeera. Now she is a bright student of Vishaka vidyalaya. Generally every student who follows “Dolos Mahe Pahana” receive very good results. Because it gives fruitfull educational program for children. Even this year hundreds of our members sit for this examination. We wish to all the success,

    Yes, dear Pramuda, you didn’t forget Dolosmaha Pahana, we wish you the best result !



                     INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY 2013

 International literacy day will be celebrated on 8th September, 2013.

As usual CCBS has organized annual literary competition to celebrate this day.

               In 1989 CCBS awarded as the best UNESCO Literary Project of the world. Dr Bruce Cahill, UNESCO literacy expert visited Sri Lanka and examined the literary activities of CCBS and highly appreciated it’s works around the country. Even CCBS has done a successful national service it hadn’t place in Colombo to work to the nation. Therefore CCBS organized this International meeting at Kelaniya Temple.  Ajantha Senevirathna  present CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom handed over the country report to Dr Cahill


          This year literary competition details as follows:

          Beautiful hand writing competition 2013

This competition is open every child under 18 years.

There are 4 categories:

A     group below grade 2 or below 6 years

B     group   between   grade 03 to 05 or 7 to 10 years

C     group   between   grade 06 to 09 or 11 to 14 years

D    group    between    grade 10 and above or 15 to 18 years

Entering to the competition:

Select a paragraph of your class text book and write a clear  passage one participant  can send 3 entries.  Sinhala, Tamil & English  passages.

Size of your passage: Group A 10 lines Group B 20 lines   Group C  30 lines   Group D 40 lines of fullscap papers.

For entering one passage you should buy 5 book marks - each Rs 10/-

Pl.send following details also.


  1. Your nameMM
  2. School address & the grade
  3. Membership no
  4. Number of entries you sent
  5.  How do you buy the book marks

Pl. do not enter your personnel information on your entries;

Please send your entries on or before 10th of September


                                 FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS:

Every student around the glob can participate this international literary competition.

Foreign students can participate 2 sections;

1.      English Language         2  any other language as you like

Select  a paragraph and copy down with your hand writing write your information as request above. Non members should send one dollar with your entry as the entry fee. YOU CAN E MALE YOUR ENTRT TO THE UNESCO SOCIETY IN SRI LANKA

E MAIL  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Each category first, 2nd and 3rd winners will receive medals with certificates.

Every participant receive a certificate

Your entry should receive to the following address on or before 10th Se. 2013


                              International Literacy day competition,

                              CCBS UNESCO Project

                              No 84 Lesley Ranagala Mawatha,

                             Colombo 08

                              Sri Lanka




on 31st August

CCBS's annual  field tour is remembered


Historic SILK ROAD which combined with




human civilization in the past.


Last 22 years CCBS celebrated this world


heritage event voluntarily.



Even this year we requested some cooperation.


Still we are awaiting to have some support to success this


human activity.


Already we received following cooperation


1. Room facility to the cultural group at Kataragama to stay


in the night.


Most Ven. Galaboda Ghanissara Thero offered this facility.


2.Dinner on 31st night will provide by Devala committee



CCBS needs following facility:


During the last 12 months there are about 40 first place


winners in various competitions. CCBS informed them to


take these clever children to Kataragama Deea Charika


Now ccbs needs a travelling facility for these children.


CCBS makes this open invitation everybody who wish to


help children.  We invite the sponsor also to join with us.


Participating Groups:


As at 21st August 2013 following groups have informed



their participating to the cultural tour.



1.Deshakeerthi Royasen Jayawardana's ( Co secretary


  group of Kimbulapitiya


2. Po.naruwa Dis. org. Mr Jayatissa,s group Medirigiriya


3.GampahaReg. Org's Mrs Samaradivakara's  group of


Magalegoda  Gampaha


4. Dewalegama group Kegalla.


5. Sachintaka Bandara's group Kegalle


6. Panangala school, Galle group


7.Chandrasekaran's Binta's group Hatton,


8.Fatima Runda's group St Anthony BV, Colombo


9.Pramuda Basitha Wicramarachchi, Rukmalgama


10. Telani Priyanga Ranaweera Group, Kotikawatta.











Prize giving ceremony

  was at Colombo children's  

Book Society , Colombo 08.

 P1000687.jpg - 11.11 KB


Mr Rogger Senevirathna the popular artist & Western


Provincial member,  is addressing the English


Day meeting. He highly appreciated the CCBS's over 30


years services to the children   


 P1000657.jpg - 14.98 KB

Dr Ambalampitiya addresses the meeting 


P1000645.jpg - 11.03 KB

                                           Beginning of Gamin gamata Buddi mandira or Libraries or all

As advised by the Ministry of Education and UNESCO , CCBS launched several projects to develop the literacy in Sri  Lanka. Among them children's library and reading center system was more successful program.

In 1984 CCBS started it's 1st children's library and reading center at Walukaramaya, Wadduwa, Potupitiya. One active boy organized this program and he could continue this new social movement successfully  in Wadduwa. Several times he brought his child members to Colombo to attend several children's programs organized by CCBS. He gave a good leadership. Then he was in grade 8 at the school. He became a good children's organized in this project. He was Master Chandrict Trishan.

Now he is a Hon. Treasure of Sri Lanka Eye Donation society. He carries a big post  in Sri Lankan society. Today whole world is waiting to receive his service. CCBS President invited him to attend English Day Program. He welcomed the invitation and visited the English Day meeting. He delivered a sensitive story. He clearly explained, today he holds a very responsibility post. He has succeeded his life. He start his life before 29 years back as the librarian at Wadduwa children's readers society. He told President of CCBS helped him to understand the world. CCBS was the great giant to develop his life.

He highly appreciated CCBS's silent services. Above photo shows Mr Chandrick Trichan is addressing the meeting. Dr Dhammika Bibile, Chief Adviser of CCBS also in the picture.

P1000666.jpg - 15.11 KB 

Sharing the happiness

Telani Priyanga Ranaweera is a very active member of CCBS. Recently she

visited the President of CCBS and stated, " Sir, today I came to the Society

not for asking medal or certificates. I came here to share my happiness

with you all. I successfully passed my O/L exam with 8 As and 1 B .

CCBS can be happy in every year with it's members exam results.  Even

this year  every active members has success their exam. everybody

informed their success. Bur Telani wanted  share her happiness with

CCBS together.   Then she told  that she wanted to share her happiness 

with other members. Then CCBS invited her to attend English day

meeting. She shared her happiness saying, "I came to CCBS about 8 years

back Then I was very shy to speak at meetings and I had very limited

knowledge. After joining CCBS I felt I reach to the correct path of my life.

I carefully followed "Dolos mahe pahan" program. Gradually I could

shaped my school & social life through this golden program. We had a big

competition to be a first among every project I became first at several

times.  Then I could collect many medals and certificates fromall

over the world through the CCBS.  CCBS gave me a opportunity to

participate foreign competitions also.

I studied at Lindsay Girls college. After the exam I wanted to join Devi

Balika school as it is a one of the most popular school in Sri Lanka.

Just after entering new school I receive a very good opportunity. There

are best students  of the country. It is very difficult to have a leadership

among these clever students. But I forward my medals and certificated

received from CCBS. Anybody haven't like mines.

Judge board specially appreciated Child Hero day and S Mahinda Day

certificates. Later I could have a leadership post and membership of

media unit of the new school. I am sure without CCBS these will be

dreams. Therefore I appreciate and respect CCBS and it's valuable

services. I  respect CCBS as my 2nd home.  Telani stated with big feelings

and sensitively. 

Telani Ranaweera could successfully open everybody's eyes about real

services of CCBS for children.

                  Dear Telani, CCBS wishes you a bright future!

P1000553.jpg - 16.41 KB


Telani & her friend-members are watching website with the


CCBS president














successfull ended at


Susamayawardana Vidyalaya



Final Result



c.jpg - 1.19 MB

                 Chandrasekaran Brintha of Hatton Highland College

1st Place- Chandrasekaran Brintha – Hatton Highland College(163 marks)

 2nd Place-G.Janani Dewmini-Bapa/Gam/Dekatana Primary College (160 marks)

 3rd Place-G.Geethma Nilupulee Udayasiri- Ke/ Mainnoluwa Junior College (95 marks)



P1000557.JPG - 1.30 MB

                                Movindu Ranmith Dissanayake

1st Place-D.M.Movindu Ranmith Dissanayake-Co/Mahinda College (309 marks)

 2nd Place-Thumal Thejana Kariyapperuma-Co/Naanda College (212 marks)

 3rd Place-Fathima Mohin-St. Anthony's Girl's College (155 marks)


 1st Place-Tharusha Malmi Samarathunga-St. Paul's Girl's College (320 marks)

 2nd Place-H.M.Pooja Nethmi Herath-Ke/Dharmasiri Senanayake College(316 marks)

 3rd Place-L.P.Buddhini Kavindya Vitharana-Co/Vishaka Vidyalaya (284 marks)


Shehani.jpg - 1.22 MB

                                    Shehani Randika Silva

1st Place-P.Shehani Randika Silva-CH/WEN/Holy Family Girl's College(498 marks)

 2nd Place-Sulakna Kithmalee Wickramathilaka-Co/Musaeus College (398 marks)

 3 rd Place-W.G.Sangeetha Thathsarani-WP/HO/Mayadunna College (393 marks 

For full report please see July Month folder - Left side (Dolos Mhe Pahn)

P1000473.JPG - 4.56 KB

Mr  A.I.M.Zarookkhan(SLEAS)Director English , Colombo Zone is addressing the English Day meeting at Susamayawardana college, Colombo 08. 

Mr Kapila Weerasuriya, Principal of Susamayawardana college and Mr Wasantha Ekanayaka also in the photo.

winners received certificate with the approval of Prof. G.A.S.Premakumara.

P1000502.jpg - 19.74 KB

The students from various parts of the country participated English day competition. Chandrasekaran Brintha started her way to the English Day from Hatton at 2.00 am and reached to Susamayawardana college at 7.30am. This is a popular competition  among the Sri Lankan students. In the photo can be seen students are participating the competition at  Susamayawardana college, Colombo 08



                         Educational seminar




CCBS UNESCO project launches many programs to develop the literacy of the children. Recently it organized educational seminar at Mahinda College, Colombo 10. At the seminar Dr. Ambalampitiya, the best science writer of Sri Lanka delivered a lecturer to the student. At the end of the seminar he conducted a general knowledge competition. He asked literary question and students replied. Later he selected best 3 winners.

            Dr ambalampitiya presented  educational books written by him  to the winners. These winners faced to the camera  with their principal, teachers and the chief guest. In the picture Dr, Ambalampitiya presents a book to a winner


 P1000444.JPG - 3.98 MB

          Winners faced to a photo



                 READING COMPETITION

CCBS UNESCO project launched another literary program at St John College , Colombo 09.

Before 30 years back as adviced by UNESCO ccbs introduced BOOK EXHIBITION to Sri Lanka.

            Even today ccbs conducts book exhibition as literary develop scheam. At St John exhibition ccbs held reading competition. After visiting the book exhibition students received a question paper. Every answer was in exhibition books. Students were more interesting to read books, because their answers were in these books.

            Prizes were T shirts and books. This programs were more popular among the students.

''' P1000441.JPG - 19.58 KB

      Teachers and children select the lucky winners from the ballet box

This literary works could be organized in your school also. If you are interesting please contact CCBS for details.


         Our New Live Members


CCBS hopes to introduce our new members. You can meet our members at our national literary festivals.


When you apply for new membership please be kind enough to produce your photo also.

 lm.jpg - 2.12 KB                                  R.A.G.S.D.Ramanayaka.jpg - 1.10 MB                         b.jpg - 981.08 KB

 L.B.P.K. Witharana                                  R.A.G.S.D. Ramanayaka             S.P.N.N.Weeerasekara

 Reg. No. LM/6F/13                                         Reg. No LM/07M/13                      Reg. No LM/11F/13 

Visaka Vidyalaya,Colombo                      Sri Jayawardanaura MV, Kotte               St joshep BV,  Kegalle

Skills: Studying, Melodic Playing                          Skills: Art 

 c.jpg - 1.19 MB                    d.jpg - 1.16 MB                   h.jpg - 1.12 MB 7        

Chandrasekaran Brinda         M.N.Fatima Rusda                            F.Nusba Nizar

Reg. No LM/13F/13                Reg. No LM/21F/11               Reg. No LM/18 F/13

Highland MMV, Hatton         St Anthony's BV,  Colombo 15           St. Anthony's BV,  Colombo 15

Skills: Painting, Singing             Skills: paintings & singings              Skills: Singings & Paintings  

 e.jpg - 1.23 MB        Shehani.jpg - 1.22 MB     P1000557.JPG - 1.30 MB

Fathima Kohinuddin       Shehani Randika Silva   Movindu  Dissanayaka

Reg. No LM/20 F/13     Reg No LM/67/09 LM/85M/11

St. Anthony's BV,  Colombo 15 Holy Family BV.Wennappuwa                                      Mahinda Vidyalaya. Colombo 10   Art, Sport

Skills  singing. speech, Art,   All 3 languages, Art & Chess



This year National children’s English Day competition will be on 28th Sunday,July 2013.Children who are interesting to improve their English Language skills, can participate this competition. There are 2 categories of competition.

A.    Essay writing and Hand writing competitions.

You can participate these competitions from your home or school.

You should send your entries on or before 22 July2013

B    Other competitions are singing, reading, speech. grammar and             dictation.

Every student who are below 18 years able to participate these competitions

The winners will receive certificates ans T shirts.

Final competitions will be in Colombo on 28th Sunday, 2013

Send your bio date to register for competitions

For Sinhala application pl. open this link.


P1000362.JPG - 17.27 KB 


Reading promotion is a very important factor in literacy field.

In 1980s CCBS UNESCO Project began book exhibition in Sri Lanka. UNESCO advised to launch these projects.

Now it has become a popular business. But even after 30 years CCBS does the exhibition as usual to promote the literacy.

On 27th & 28th CCBS organized a book exhibition at Jayanthi College, Colombo 15


There will be a Readers Competition also on 28th.


Exhibition  opened by Principal Malini De Silva. Dy. Principal Ganga Gunatilaka and  Mr Anura Gunarathna Liyanage also in the picture.


P1000363.JPG - 13.25 KB

Child readers are eagerly looking on books.





Western Provincial Council Member




Rojjer Senevirathna




to donate Funds


P1000276.jpg - 14.94 KB 

 Western Provincial council member Artist Rojjer Senevirthna promised to donate Rs. 100,000 to success the children’s book project at Children’s Hospital

Mr Senevirthna is addressing at Sawsiripaya meeting.


 Mr Rnjith Wicrmsinghe co-coordinating Secretary  to Hon. Wimal Weerawansa, Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities  is addressing the  Child Hero Day meeting at Sawsiripaya



Environment on


Line ,CCBS


Celebrates World Environment Day at National Children’s Hospital in Colombo


Director, Consultant Physician Rathnasiri A. Hewge attended with children to plant trees at children’s hospital premises.




Director Dr Rathnasiri  Hewage explains to the National Television of Sri Lanka, the value of children moving with the environmental activities to protect our environment after attending tree planting program.




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The Future of Environment is on your hands !



Tree planting program


participants: P1000326.jpg - 22.13 KB


Asst; officer P. Dayasena, Dr. D.Ambalampitiya, Co-ordinatpr Ajith P. Dissanayaka, Director Consultant Dr Rathnasiri A Hewage, Overseer Bandara and Mrs R.A.D. Manel are standing behind the banner




CCBS Member Ashintha Arunalu Perera - a


student of Colombo Wesley College offers


his child book to the President of Sri Lanka


Ashintha-runalu-Perera-CCBS-Member--student-of-esley-College-Colombopresents-his-child-book-to-the-President-oF-Sri-Lanka.jpg - 8.96 KB



 Ashintha is very kind  boy keeping with good habits. In every year on the Techers day he comes to the CCBS office with his sister respects to the CCBS President. And in every occasion sends greetings to the CCBS. He does the same to his school teachers also.

If any child can conduct these good habits in younger ages he/she will definitely  be a good citizen of the society.

            In early days we found number of children like this. We wish to mention them as a good sample to present generation.

            Kapila was a clever student. He studied well. He was obedient and did every thing adults and CCBS.

Now he is an Engineer in Australia. Once a year he is coming Sri Lanka to visit his parents. After that he surely visits CCBS office with some gifts and donation to the society.

Tony also was a same time boy. He works with CCBS. He was very obedient boy. Now he is an ASP a  high post in Police Department. Even today when he passes the CCBS office he comes to in and kindly talk with us and listen our problems solves them. Even today his good qualities are same as 30 years ago.

There was  a another good  and obedient boy. He was Mohan. Now he is one of the spokesman of President of Sri Lanka. Even he holds such a big post when he comes to the CCBS he respects everybody and smiles as 30 years before. He speaks as early. He smiles and talks same

There are many more good characters around the country and abroad.

This is the wonderful way of giving humanity to the children’s life by the CCBS.








 DSC01020.JPG - 2.03 MBOn the 22nd child hero’s day celebration, Chandrasekarn  Brintha of Highland Tamil school, Hatton, receives her medal & certificate from Rev. Halvitigala Thapassi,MA  Adviser & Colombo District Organizer of CCBS.

            This picture also shows  symbol of fine future through CCBS activities. If we think about 10 years back Chandrasekran or any Tamil girl would not come to Colombo city to face like this competition. At this competition organized to celebrate Weera Madduma Bandara. About 200 years back cruel king Rajasinghe killed this child hero.  At this competition there were about 50 children in primary section. There were only 2 or 3 Tamil children. But Brintha came to the first after overcoming every student.

            She receives her medal & certificate from the Buddhist monk. This is  real symbol of mutual understand, friendship and peace in the future of Sri Lanka.













Environment day Tree planting and


Photography contest




Send your reports soon!


Closing date 12th June


Produce your tree planting


report with your


Photographic report about tree




Winners will receive world


globs! world maps


& T - shirts


Hurry up ! 


Dr Ambalampitiya is addressing the National Child Heros day meeting at Sawsiripayab-site_0002.jpg - 4.11 KB

Dr Ambalampitiya is addressing National Child Hero's Day meeting recently held at the Sawsiripaya, Colombo 07.

Mr Rojjer Senevirathna, Member of Western Provincial Council, Dr Rathnasiri A Hewage, Director National Children's Hospital  in Sri Lanka, Prof. Praneeth Abesundara of Jayawardanapura University. , Mr A I M Sharook Khan Director of Education Ministry, Mr Ranjith Wicramasinghe, Coordinating Secretary of Housing & Engineering services Minister and Mr Gammanavidana, Principal of Thulhiriya Vidyalaya also in the picture.



RESULTS   2013


Real competition of creating real leaders


for future


BOARD OF Judges: Dr. Dhammika P. Bibile, Former Dy Director General of National Institute of Education

Mr  S. Hettiarachchi, Former Aesthetic advisor of Colombo Royal College,

Mrs Kusumsiri Jayawardana MA,


                                 Essay Competition


1ST Place- Induni Kavindya- Sri Rahula Maha Vidyalaya,Malambe-      16 Marks


2nd  Place- Udan METHSILU Ekanayake –Co/Nalanda College-          12 Marks


3rd  Place- G.Geethma Nilupulee Udaysiri-Mayinnoluwa M.V.Kegalle- 10 Marks


3rd Place – G.W. Nelithma sumalmi, Nayakakanda Primary college, Wattala. 10



1ST Place- Janithma Nawamini Wijesinghe – Tholangamuwa Dudli Senanayaka MMV.Kegalle- 50 Marks


2nd  Place- Thimanya Seneini Wijerathna- Naragodapalua Primary School-                 48Marks


2nd  Place- Movindu Ranmith Disanayaka- Co/Mahinda Vidyalaya-                                48Marks


3rd  Place- Rushal Arosh -                                                                                                      45 Marks


3 Geemina Abhishek WattetennaVidyartha Vidyalaya, Kandy                                       45 Marks

3rd Place – Ravisha Hasaravi Navodya , President BV, Rajagiriya                               45 Marks



1ST Place- Sewmini Sanjana- Galahitiyawa Vidyalaya,Ganemulla-                     65Marks

1st Place – Mavindi Muthusarani Gallage,Dharmasoka v. Ambalangoda           65marks

2nd  Place- Sahan Chaodi- Ambalangoda Dhrmashoka V. Ambalangoda.        61 Marks

2nd  Place- Nethmini Ashinsana Wattetanna- Mahamaya Balika V.-Kandy.       61 Marks

3rd  Place- M.P.N. Prapanjali- Sirisiduhath Dhamma School,Viharagama-        55Marks

3rd  Place- A.K.Oshada Sandeep Methpriya- Co/ Thurstan College-                  55 Marks



1ST Place- Nimasa Dilrangi Amarasuriya, St Josheph BV, Kegalle.              64 Marks

2nd  Place- Maheshi Anjula Po/ Ananda Balika National College-Hin’goda  60 Marks

2nd  Place- Nayomi Wickramanayaka, Pragna Reader’s Club Gampaha    -60 Marks

3rd  Place- Sangeetha Thathsarani Mayadunna M V Kosgama                     58 Marks

3rd Place H.M. Dilini Sandamali Herath, Po/ Ananda N.S Hingurakgoda 58 Marks




Art Competition


1st  Place- Chandrasekaran Brinda Highland MMV, Hatton.-                                 86 Marks

2nd Place- Dinali Sethmini Kumarage- Sri Subodi KV. Battaramulla                    79 Marks

3rd Place- D.J.. Deneth Akarsha Po/ Viharagama PV.                                           62 Marks  



1st Place- Thumal Thejana Kariyapperuma– Co/Nalanda College-                      90 Marks

2nd  Place- .W.K. Deeshana Nawamini GM/ Yasodaradevi BV                            80 Marks

2nd Place- Hashini Emalga Jeeanjali-Duudly Senanayaka MMV Tholangamua  80 Marks

2nd  Place- Pramudha Bashitha- Co/Isipathana College-  Colombo 05               80 Marks

3rd  Place- Chanuthi Dewanga Wickramasinghe-  Co/Sirimavo B’nayaka BV     70 Marks

3rd Place  C.L.Wicramasinghe, Co/ Lumbini V Colombo 05                                70 Marks

3rd  Place- Maleesha Gihan Samanpriya Gam/ Narangodapalua PV.                 70 Marks                                                    





1ST Place- Kaushi Nethma Senuri Vithana-   Kegalu BV, Kegalle,                         96 Marks

2ndPlace – Mavindi Muthusarani Gallage Dharmasoka V, Ambalangoda             80 Marks

2nd Place  Nethmini Wattetenna , Mahamaya V Kandy                                                                      

3rd  Place- M.A.D.D. Perera-  Gam/ Bandaranayaka V .                                    71 Marks

3rd  Place- Tarusha Malmi Samaratunga Co/ St Paul BV Milagiriya                  -71 Marks



1ST Place- G.Uditha Deshapriya-Kegalu MV. Kegalle.                                      96 Marks

2nd  Place- Chamika Dasun Samarasinghe- Dudly Senanayaka MMV           90 Marks

3 rd Place- Ravin Rashmika-Yakkala Anura MV                                                  84 Marks


Character Acting competition will be on 26/05/2013 at 8.30 am at Sawsiripaya  No 123 Wiojerama Maatha, Colombo 07.





Brother, don't be Afraid!


Colombo-Summer-Camp-photos.jpg - 15.97 KB


Summer Camp memories in photos






National Child Hero's Day on


26/05/2013 at





 Weera-Madduma-Bandara-Story-Book.jpg - 16.88 KB

Weera Madduma







Story Book


There is a very interesting book written Sinhala Language about Weera Madduma Bandara.

This famous book has written Best Science writer award holder and state literary award holder. Dr D.Ambalampitiya.

This is a good story book for children.

Everybody should read this booklet to know real information of the Madduma Bandara

Art work has done by Erandini Savubhgy an international art award holder.

Local price is Rs 100/- and outside the country $ 3 ( with postage charge)

If anyone interesting this booklet, please send an e mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


h_nelson_statue_2001.jpg - 5.98 KB






22nd National Child Hero day festival ill be t Sawsiripaya, Colombo 07  on 26 Sunday, May 2013.

 On this day every winner of Children’s Summer Camp competition will receive their Plaques, Prizes and certificates.


SAARC International  literary competition winners will receive their certificates and plaques.




Annual DEEPA CHARIKA Cultural Tour 2013

        Celebrating the Historic SILK ROAD TOUR

Now the CCBS members are preparing to attend their holiday cultural tour/

This is called as “ DEEPA CHRIKA” That means  island wide tour. In every August Readers Club members are awaiting to attend this tour.

This field tour reflects the great records of ancient Silk Road Tour.

Last year they visited ancient city of Anuradapura. Then they promised to visit in 2013 to Katargma. It is about 300 kms away from Colombo.

CCBS receives very interesting stories around the cou8ntry about Deep Charika



 Pragna Readers club and children’s Library of Bemmulla, Gampaha is one of the oldest children’s society of CCBS. It has very interesting programs. Sahityadarshi Mrs. D.M. Samaradivakara is the chief organizer of this club. She is a real leader for children and a retired teacher. Last 25 years she works with the CCBS.

Children every time face to the money problems. When they attend to Deepa Charika at least one child should spend Rs 1000/-. Mrs Samaradivakara has planned a good way to face this money problems.

She proposed to the children’s library members to open a small bank account at the villege bank and every month deposit Rs. 100. Now it is going well. Every child has about 1000 in each children’s account. Now they have solved money problem.

Now they are awaiting to see the end of August to visit Kataragama.



     Under the guidance of Mrs Samaradivakara  every year on Wesak Day members of the readers club organize  Wesak Lantern competition. Adults societies of the villege select the winners and offer prizes . Its about Rs. 10 000/-

Even this year they are preparing their Wesak Lnterns for the competition. This year they have decided to use every winning prizes to use DEEPA CHARIKA cultural program

Wonderful programs. These children are opening  their way to the bright future

      CCBS salute these good  children !


Child Hero's Day Festival will be on 18th of May

CCBS UNERSCO Project will organize it's annual  Child Hero day festival on 18/5/2013

There literary competition and stage performance competition on this day Festival will be in Colombo On this day children come to the stage and act as Weera Madduma Bandara or King Sri Wicrama Rjasinghe or Ehelepola Kumarihami. This is very interesting competition. While they are participating the competition they automatically improve their skills.



Commander (WP) Major General  S.R.Manawaduge is offering a Leadership Belt to a trained student at the workshop

P1010039.jpg - 13.10 KB

At the Annual Leadership Training 2013

Rev. Halvitigala Tapassi, MA Colombo District Organizer of CCBS with Senior Lecturer

Mr Ranjith Silva sport Adviser of CCBS at the workshop

P1020602---Copy.jpg - 18.64 KB 

Child Artists work at Children's Art Circle at Colombo Children's Book Society

Children's Art Circle has brought to Sri Lanka over 100 International medals and prizes through it's skilled child members

Records of the Children’s Literature

Colombo  children’s Book Society began in 1981. Then the ;literacy rate of Sri Lanka was very low level. It has highest level in 1960 decades. It was second only to the Japan.

            The Government of Sri Lank wanted to launch very crucial programs to develop the literacy in the country.  To overview the problems UNESCO experts visited Sri Lanka and they advised to the Government to develop the literacy do the development of Children’s Literature.

            Through the Ministry of Education they encouraged several volunteer organization to start literary programs ‘

During this time Colombo Children’s Book Society (CCBS)  started several programs to develop the children’s literature.

This is the beginning of CCBS.

Since 1981 CCBS annually conducted workshop on the production of children’s books.

Last workshop has completed training of 1389 child authors of the country.

This is can be a world record –as there is no to hear any other volunteer organization trained over 1000 persons in same field.

CCBS has published 539 children’s books in last 30 years. This is also a world record. We can’t hear any other single volunteer organization reach to this record.

CCBS has trained over 1000 people only about children’s Literature and who have published over 500 children’s book in 30 years.

In this world Children’s Book Day ccbs published another children’s book set.

Among these books there are followings also.


Weera Madduma Bandara Day - National Child Hero day Competition 2013

For Sinhala application please open this llink


Celebrating Prince weera maddua bandara

About 200 years back  Sri Lanka ruled by a cruel king. He suspected his ministers. Minister Ehelepola  also  same one to the king.

Ehelepola knew kings views and he vanished. King wanted to furnish Minister Ehelepola’s family.

Then he asked whole family to Bogambara Tank in Kandy and ask his men to kill every body of Ehelepola family.

               Lokubandara was the eldest of the family. Killer with a sharp sward with his hand and asked Loku Bndra to face to the death. He excited and afraid. He ran to his mother. Then little Weera Maddum Bandr jumped to the killer and shouted.

“Brother why are you crying?

We are the sons of a brave Sinhala Minister.  We should not afraid. We should protect our great FaTHER’S HONESTY AND BRVENESS.

Don’t be afraid. I show you how to face the death. One day the people will talk about us.” Then he open his neck to the killer. This nine years little child fce to the deth very brvely.

               It is one of the bravest child’s action of the world.

               This is  good lesson to the every child of the world.

Since 1991 Colombo Children’s Book Society (CCBS) celebrates Madduma Bandara Day.

In 2013 ccbs has organized  a literary competition for celebrate this brave child.

               There are 3 competitions

. Essay competition  2. Pointing Competition   3. Miming competition “Brother, don’t be afraid” will be the topic for every competition.


                                Competition                             Age Group                                                 Size


           Essay competition           Primary (below grade 5 )                        ½ of Foolscap paper

                                                                   Junior       ( Grade 6-9 )                                  1 page of foolscap

                                                                  Senior        Grade 10 & above)                    2 pages of foolscap


                      Painting Competition      Primary           - as above                             A 4 paper

                                                                                                Junior                                    A4 or A3 paper

                                                                                                Senior                                    A4 paper

Miming competition:

This is very interesting competition. Think a  about 200 years back in Kandian kingdom of Sri Lanka. Imagine about Ehelepola family Madduma Bndara, King or Killer or any other person.

Now you have to act as any of this character. You should be dressed as suitable for your character.

You have 100 seconds to show your activities on the stge.

Other qualifications  to enter the competition:

Every participant should buy 10 book marks (each Rs. 10/- ) from the society to eligible for every competition. If you like you can sell these book marks  to your other friend and collect your expensea.


If you like you can have  membership of the society. Even without the membership you’ll able to participate competition. But every member will have extra 1 mark for their final total and Live members will have 2 marks for their final mark total.


Primary ; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate T shirt and Rs 500/- cash prize

               2nd place Silver medal, certificate

                             3rd place copper medal. Certificate


Junior ; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate T shirt and Rs 500/- cash prize

               2nd place Silver medal, certificate

3rd place copper medal. Certificate


Senior ; 1st place Gold Medal, Certificate T shirt and Rs 500/- cash prize


               2nd place Silver medal, certificate


3rd place copper medal. Certificate


Every prize will be offered on 18th May 2013 in Colombo.

The result will be published on this website after 15th May 2013


         National Child Hero Day Application;


1. Name:……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

2 Membership No (If you have ) :- ………………………………………………………………………………………………

3. Name of the school:-……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

4. Home address:-…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

5. Contact Nos. / e mail:-…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

               I hereby declared that above details are true and correct. I send herewith Rs. 100/- for 10 book marks and pl. enroll my  creations for the above competition.

               I will participate /  Painting / Miming / competition

                 (Pl. delete whatever non applicable)             

You can deposit  fee t any Bnk of Ceylon Brnce to be cretided to Colombo Children’s Book society’s ccout t Borell Super Grade Branch. A /c no 193697.)

                                                                                          Yours faithfully


                                                                                          Applicant’s signature






Message for the Annual Summer Camp organised by Colombo Children’s Book Society, Sri Lanka







I feel extremely delighted to send my greetings and best wishes to all children and adults associated with the Colombo Children’s Book Society. I salute Dr. Ambalampitiya’s vision, his determination, dedication, perseverance and love for children which brought International recognition to the project for encouraging child authors.



With great sense of pride and honour I recollect walking down the roads of Colombo, with hundreds of young aspiring authors following during the 27th Annual Summer Camp which we attended in April 2011.


I stand deeply indebted to all the people of Sri Lanka, particularly Dr, Ambalampitiya and all his friends and well wishers who extended such warm hospitality. The four days spent just flew by amidst the warm loving Sri Lankans and the scenic beauty of your country.


I wish to convey my best wishes for the coming Annual Summer Camp to be held on 8th April 2013. I also wish all the children who attend this camp a bright future. I wanted to be a part of this camp but due to personal prior commitment, I am not being able to.


Best Wishes


Abha Anant



City Montessori School

(Recipient of 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education & Guinness World Records Holder as the world’s largest school with over 45,000 students on roll in a single city)

Indira Nagar

Lucknow - 226024

Uttar Pradesh, India

  •       Historic 29th nnual Children’s Summer CAmp
     stArts   on   8th April 2013

World Children’s Book Day falls on 2nd April in every Year. This is  very special day for children. Danish author H.C .Andersen was born in  April 02 , 1805. He has written highest number of children’s books in the world.

Therefore educated world respects Andersen as the father of the children’s literature. UNO has declared April 02 as the world children’s book day

Colombo children’s Book society celebrates it annually

In this year it ill be celebrated on the 8th of April 2013 in Colombo


            29th Annual Summer Camp Rehearsal will be on 29 March , 2013

2013 Summer Camp rehearsal will be on tomorrow(29/03/2013) at 9,00 am at Lumbini Collegem Colombo 05.

Trained children leaders will participate this program and lady members of Sri Lanka Army, Navy and Air Force will join with this leaders.

They will arrange a programe to organize a successful and meaningful one day literary programe on 8th April, 2013


Leadership  Workshop

ends Very Successfully

Commander (WP) offered leadership belts

                       P1010103.JPG - 57.76 KB          

                     Child Leaders faced to a group photo with the visitors:

Front line Seated ( L to R) :Senior Lecturer Ranjith Silva,Princial Mrs Bimalka Fernando, CCBS Founder President Dr. D. Ambalampitiya, Colombo District Organizer Adviser Rev. Halvitigala Thapassi, Major General S.R. Manawaduge, Psychologist Advisor of Ministry of Education K.D.Maduamakara Ranasinghe and Secretary Mrs Ratnakumari Amarasuriya

   P1000994.JPG - 17.67 KB                            P1000991.JPG - 50.15 KB 

Major Nandana Seneviratna at the             A child leader replies at the workshop

              work shop

On 23rd February

We were working around whole night. Slept only 2 or 3 hours.   About 4.00 am had the first call. It was from Mr Jayatissa Principal of Viharagama (Polonnaruwa) Junior school. As he informed, 4 children and their parents last evening came to Colombo.They came by train. But one child and her mother missed them and they had come by bus. As he told we hurried and followed their telephones. Fortunately we could talk both parties. Big group was in Maradana railway station and others were Fort bus station. Then we asked them to go to workshop place But even then was night. However they were the first group who reached to the workshop.


Every selected child leader came there without 3 or 4 students.

 As usual we started the program after religious activities and kept one minute silence for respecting late heroes and  authors.

 First lecturer : Major Nandana Senevirathna launched fine lecture about value of the working together & eacefully. Second lecture conducted by Major G.H.Amitha . His theme   was Responsibilities of leadership and respecting to the leadership. 3rd lecture was How we can work together for bright future”All lectures were not limited to talk. Every lectures were full of activities. Therefore participants were highly satisfied.

       4th lecturer was “ Entering to the leadership way “ conducted b y Mr K.D.Madu Amakara Ranaweera, Psychology adviser of Ministry of Education

       Particiants had a special Buriyani Lunch and by 3.00 pm chief guest Commander (WP) of Sri Lanka Army  Major General SR Manawaduge RWP RSP ndu psc IG reached to the venue. Camp leader and leaderless welcomed him and he hoisted national flag when leaders sing the National Anthem

        Every child leader has been offered leadership belts by the Major General. This is one of the rare happening . we have never heard that the active forces leader (General level) coming to the children and respecting their activities.

      More than others present President of Sri Lanka Mr Mahinda Rajaakse likes children. State Defense Ministry is under the Hon. President. As CCBS requested Hon.Gotabhaya Rajaakse  Secretary of Defence kindly approved it.

      CCBS highly thanks to the Hon. President & the Secretary Of ministry of defense. For helping us to success this leadership project


 For more photos pl go to  February folder









Every chidren knows we about Colombo children's Book  (CCBS) activities . All they are hepfu for their future ccbs aso works everything voluntarily. CCBS has no fund or permemant income resources. So every ime chidren join their helping hand with the CCBS Even at this leadership program Nethmini Kavushaya Membership No (LM/01F/13) hopes to offer 25 lunch parcles to the workshop. Tisal Tharuka (LM/83M/11) and Rashmi Tharuka of Maharagama (LLM/84F/11) hope to offer a banner and stationary for the work shop. These are the good lesson to seeping peope.

First Live Member in 2013  Nethmi Kavushalya from                  Gampaha                                          
 Nethmi studies in Grade 4. She joined to the CCBS UNESCO project in 2012 as a general member. Her first activity with the society was last year Summer Camp. But she couldn't take sufficient time to get ready to the camp. She missed the chance to win a UNESCO medal.

        Her mother said, after her failure Nethmi was more active. She promised her mother at the next Camp however she 'll get a medal. After she read many books. She asked her father to bring more books. With her new hope she came to the CCBS Office in the 2nd week of January and got her live membership.

 Now Nethmi reads more books to win a medal at the next Summer Camp in April 2013.  

                                 ANNual CHILDREN'S LEADERSHIP TRAINING 2013 

Leadership Training Program is also another popular project among our members.

Now university selected students in Sri Lanka have a leadership training program. But CCBS UNESCO Project started this children’s leadership program about 25 years back. CCBS selects the children for thois program through their certificates. Early days children came to the interview with big load of certificates. It was a  trouble for children as ell as CCBS.  Therefore now CCBS asks the children forward their certificates only in the previous year. If you are interesting to participate this training please forward your certificates in the year of 2012

Every certificate copies pl. set as follows:.

A; School / Dhamma school level certificates

B; School / Dhamma school level Term test results (1st,2nd,3rd places only )

C; District level certificates;

E; Island wide level certificates

E. International level certificates:

F. If you are  member of CCBS, your membership No;

G January program’s report: (only for members )

Appointing the Camp Leader boy & girl :

After receiving participant certificate copies, our committee will be selected the most qualified girl and the boy. CCBS offer them the great position of the Summer camp – Camp Leader and girl Leader

They ill receive  rare opportunity to state the Summer Camp Oath. Any student will have this chance only one time in his/her life time.

Then select 3 boys and 3 girls as Senior ,Junior and Primary leaders. Others will be selected as group leaders.

CCBS believes this is only one children’s leadership training with  the  cooperation of active forces all over the world.

On 23rd February at 3 30 p.m. Chief Commander of Sri Lanka army will offer leadership belts for trained child leaders. This group will control 29th Children’s Summer camp on 06/04/2012 at Colombo

This is one of the great opportunities for children to improve their hidden talents and skills.







 home/images/Kshitij Result 2012.pdf

World Children's Day celebrates in Sri Lanka as one of the National children's Festival. Thousands of children come to the city of Colombo on every 02 of April. They cross the street with life size banner of Hans Christian Andersen as well as other authors, Mounted Police officers walk in front of the procession

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 1805/04/02 - 1875/08/04
Hans Christian Andersen (Danish pronunciation: ['ha'ns 'k .æsdjan '], referred to using
the initials H. C. Andersen in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia; April 2, 1805 – August 4,
1875) was a Danish author and poet noted for his children's stories. "The Steadfast Tin Soldier",
"The Snow Queen", "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Little Match Girl", and "The
Ugly Duckling" very famous among about 170 stories
During his lifetime he was acclaimed for having delighted children worldwide, and was feted by
royalty. His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages. They have
inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets, and animated films.

29th Annual Summer Camp will be on 06 April 2013 in Colombo.
Apply soon to confirm your seat.
Most famous children’s camp in Sri Lanka will be on next 06th of April 2013.
United Nations Organization has declared April 02 is as the “World Children’s Book Day” It has named as
this due to the special reason.
Hans Christian Andersen has written highest number of children books in the world, So he is famous as
“Father of the Children’s Literature” He was born in Odens, Copenhagen, in Denmark on 02 April, 1805.
Therefore UNO has declared 02 April – his birth day as the World Children’s Book Day,
CCBS was pioneered to introduce this day to the Asia. In 02, April 1985 this day was celebrated in
Colombo by CCBS. This was a new message to the queen of Denmark. This historic event organized by
Dr. Ambalampitiya- the founder & the President of CCBS.
Hon. Queen of Denmark MADE a special donation to Dr. Ambalampitiya to appreciate his attempt to
introduce their national author to the East.
Since 1985 CCBS celebrated this literary day as Children’s Summer Camp. Perhaps is only one annual
festival for celebrating continuously Great author Andersen.
This is wonderful event for children who come from all part of the country. It is unbelievable every child4ren's Book day of April before 7.00 am every child from all parts of the country gather to a one center of the Colombo city. Then they will walk across the busy streets with folk displays carrying life sized Andersen’s banner and other world famous authors.
Please read previous report about the summer camp in the folder.
Every student below 18 years can apply for the camp.
Please forward your bio data and you can apply for a membership of the CCBS also.
The selected participants will have:
1, Breakfast 2. Lunch 3. Stationary 4. Prizes 5, Certificates and full of knowledge with happiness.
Society NEEDS MORE funds for success this largest event and kindly request from every humanitarian to
strengthen by giving funds this wonderful children camp in Asia.

 Figure 1  Dr Ambalampitiya, Founder & President, CCBS is standing before the statue of Andersen at
Andersen Museum in Odense, Denmark.
Figure 2 The Summer Camp in Sri Lanka proceeds the streets in Colombo while mounted horses Of Police
guiding the procession.
Figure 3. World famous authors are celebrated by children by carrying their banners books and displaying folk dances.



 For more details call 071 8153788



 CCBS UNESCO Project annuli lunch continue program it’s members. It  is called as DOLOSMHE PAAHANA. It means big lamp for whole year. In every month it has  national level program . So every January CCBSUP starts  January works with religious activity and respecting their parents.


Main function was t Maha Bodi Society , Maligakanda , road, Colombo 08. On the Poya day our members reached their and offered food over 200 “sil observers” Then there was a respecting program their parents. The project conducted by Ven. Halvitigala Thapassi MA Thero Colombo District Organizer of CCBS Project.


CCBS believes every child should respect their religion and parents. So every members of the society around the country in the month of January go to their Churches, Temples and Kovils  and attend some good program. Then they should report their activity to the CCBSUP. Society gives star marks to the members for their good works. At the end of the year society select best STAR of the year and award foreign education Tour.



     Last year star the of year award won by Pramuda Bhasitha Wicramarachchi a child author,  of Isipatana College, Colombo  and society offered an air ticket to visit India. He was their about 1 month and attended 2 international competitions and DAMBADIVA Pilgrimage Tour

28th Annul workshop on the Production

of Children’s Book

28th Annul workshop on the Production of Children’s Book ended very successfully. It started on January 1th & 12th 2013.

It was a great step of the world children’s literature history.

This is the longest workshop series of the children’s literature field .Over 539 children’s book authors introduced to the nation . It also  great happen. In the world we cn’t find any other organization in thios field like this record. This is 28th annul work shop. It has trained over 1389 children’s book writers. And it has produced over 539 children’s book authors. LAST 30 YEArs many eductionists from all over the world partiocipted this historic children’s literature project.


This year some international children’s book authors also sent their scripts to the project. AMRJOTHI SARASWATHI VIDYALYAM OF GUJARAT, INDAI, PRODUCED MANY SCRIPTS TO THE COMPETITION.

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